Learn about Breath Prayers and when they are helpful. This is a great spiritual practice to start with.

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Breath Prayer Practice: 20 Breath Prayers for Your Everyday Life

A practical guide to walk you through the practice of breath as prayer. This guide is beautifully designed featuring Robe and Crown art. With real life examples, this guide explains why breath prayer is a simple and yet impactful spiritual practice.

Breath Prayers are simple, rooted in scripture and have a powerful impact.

Breath Prayers can be part of your everyday prayer life.

If you are intimidated to start a spiritual practice, but yearn for God, this guide is for you!

This guide will show you what a breath prayer is, how it’s helpful, and will give you 20 breah prayers to pracice when you are anxious, grateful, discouraged, or worried

An active prayer life can save us each day from leaning on ourselves instead of God. Prayer can keep us connected and drawing closer to God. When we pray, we seek his kingdom first and seek after the fullness of God.

Breath Prayer Practice:

20 Breath Prayers for Your Everyday Life

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A Blessing

May your body rest. May your mind rest. May your spirit rest. May your whole self rest in His unfailing and unshakable love – on Earth as it is in Heaven.