We can all relate to how difficult it can be to change our mindset and focus on self-compassion. Because we live in a fallen world, we are in constant chaos and negative thoughts. If you’re like me, it can be hard even to recognize that we are being negative about ourselves.

“The greatest temptations are not money, sex, and power, but self-rejection – because self-rejection contradicts the sacred voice that calls us the beloved.”

Henri Nouwen

There is a very real enemy that would love nothing more than to see you stifle yourself and your light. One of his tactics is to keep you striving and getting down on yourself because you aren’t a certain way. Maybe you don’t like your body. Maybe you feel inadequate as a wife or mother. Maybe you feel like the odd one out. Or maybe, like me, it’s all of the above. 

It all comes down to us not feeling that we are enough. Or maybe we feel like we’re TOO much and not…just right. 

Romans 3:24 says, “Yet God, in his grace, freely makes us right in his sight. He did this through Christ Jesus when he freed us from the penalty for our sins.” (NLT)

The reality is Jesus has made us just right through his sacrifice on the cross. God’s grace and love have freed us from holding onto self-rejection. 

As I’ve journeyed with Jesus, I’ve struggled to believe and accept God’s love. Is this true for you too? If so, here are some practical steps I take to show kindness and understanding to myself, even in the midst of challenges: 

  • Judging my body on how it feels instead of how much it weighs
  • Only setting three reasonable tasks for the day to achieve accomplishment
  • Digital detox from social media to avoid comparison
  • Practicing self-care by having an evening skincare routine
  • Listening to Let’s Read the Gospels 
  • Greeting God with a small “hello, Lord” first thing in the morning
  • Listening to Ellie Holcomb All of My Days album
  • Serving others

In embracing the truth of God’s love and grace, we can begin to dismantle the lies of self-rejection and inadequacy that the enemy tries to plant in our minds. By acknowledging our worthiness through Christ’s sacrifice, we can take practical steps toward self-compassion and acceptance. 

Let’s commit to treating ourselves with the same kindness and understanding that God extends to us, knowing that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. As we embark on this journey together, may we continually remind ourselves of the profound truth that we are loved, cherished, and more than enough in the eyes of our Creator.

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